new! SUN & MOON | solar & lunar set


new! SUN & MOON | solar & lunar set

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Our formula SUN is a solar blend of citrus essential oils with tiger eye and carnelian crystals for light and inner vision. 

  • Orange for radiance
  • Lemon to uplift and expand energy
  • Vetiver for connection to the earth
  • Lime to open up the breath
  • Juniper to connect us to the heavens
  • Tiger eye and carnelian are expansive
  • 3 pieces of tiger eye and 9 pieces of carnelian in each bottle (1  and 5 pieces in 2oz)

Our formula MOON is a lunar blend of cedarwood, clary sage, black pepper and otther essential oils with moonstone crystals for light and inner vision. 

  • Cedarwood increases endurance
  • Clary sage for intuition
  • Black pepper for awareness
  • German Chamomile is calming
  • Cinnamon warms body and mind
  • Moonstone invokes yin energy
  • 9 pieces of moonstone in each bottle (5 pieces in 2oz)

Note: also sold separately, SUN & MOON

Holistic Spaces and Aromatherachi have curated aromatherapy mists for your spaces. Each blend supports and enhances the energy in any interior environment. The mists distribute olfactory information directly to your limbic systems and hypothalamus, producing deep emotional and behavioral transformations.

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