2018 Feng Shui Charm Keychain for Protection & Luck


2018 Feng Shui Charm Keychain for Protection & Luck

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In BTB Feng Shui tradition, it is auspicious to carry a three-dimensional Rabbit with you during the Year of the Dog 2018. The Rabbit is the best friend of the Dog and will bring protection and good luck. The Holistic Spaces 2018 Rabbit keychain is handmade, with eco-friendly hemp cord, using feng shui dimensions.

It makes a great gift! 

  • BLACK - water element, knowledge & depth
  • WHITE - metal element, precision & elegance
  • GREEN - wood element, growth & healing
  • YELLOW - earth element, stability & self-care
  • BLUE - wood element, expansion & kindness
  • RED - fire element, passion & vitality

Select the color you are most attracted to, or activate all elements with the full 6 color set $99

Each keychain is approx 3" long, silver-toned charms with steel split ring, natural hemp cord.

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