2019 Golden Cicada Ritual Kit


2019 Golden Cicada Ritual Kit


2019 Golden Cicada & Welcoming the Wealth Gods

Welcome the Year of the Earth Pig: Two Secret Ancient Energy & Abundance Transformation Rituals

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Good Fortune, Good Luck & Good Health

Prepare your qi for the new year at this exclusive invite only event. Clear away the past and bring new energy, wealth & abundance into 2019 Year of the Earth Pig. Let's use the power of the lunar new year to clear our energy and open our heart's.

We will lead you through two powerful Feng Shui rituals to welcome in positive and supportive energy.

In this kit you will receive:

In BTB Feng Shui tradition, it is auspicious to carry a three-dimensional Tiger with you during the Year of the Earth Pig 2019. The Tiger is the best friend of the Pig and will bring protection and good luck. The Holistic Spaces 2019 keychain is handmade, with eco-friendly hemp cord, using feng shui dimensions.

  • BLACK - water element, knowledge & depth

  • WHITE - metal element, precision & elegance

  • GREEN - wood element, growth & healing

  • YELLOW - earth element, stability & self-care

  • BLUE - wood element, expansion & kindness

  • RED - fire element, passion & vitality

Select the color you are most attracted to.

Each keychain is approx 3" long, silver-toned charms with steel split ring, natural hemp cord.

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