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meaningful art that gives back

10% of the proceeds from each Holistic Spaces Mandala will be donated to support Tibetan refugee children at Bon Shen Ling's Menri Monastery in Dolanji, India.

Durga Yantra Mandala

harmony & balance

As featured in Yoga Journal's 2015 Holiday gift guide!

Durga is a Hindu goddess, a symbol of the divine mother. In Sanskrit, Durga means “invincible”, as she also destroys evil and transforms it into harmony and balance in the world. This is a powerful yantra because it can create destruction, but for the sake of universal harmony. You may need to let things go before you can welcome the new. The overlapping triangles also invoke fire energy. Fiery passion is required to destroy and bring forth new beginnings. 

Ketu Yantra Mandala

spirituality & healing

Ketu is the south node of the moon, which relates directly to spirituality, healing and introspection, and many of the green shades represented in this mandala are associated with the New Beginnings bagua area.

The darker shades, however, are related to the Knowledge gua, which represents self-cultivation, skillfulness and spirituality. This means the Ketu yantra can help you with either set of needs, depending on where you place it.