Rahu Yantra Mandala for Success and Beauty

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rahu lores.jpg

Rahu Yantra Mandala for Success and Beauty

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The Rahu yantra assists you in success and beauty, with smoky blues and browns. Rahu is the north node of the moon. The Vedic mandala background is based on the number four vedic square.

The associated mantra:

Om Ram Rahuve Namaha

Because Rahu is associated with the moon, it works on the yin/subconsious level and may be helpful in the Relationship or Knowledge areas of the feng shui bagua map

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10% of the proceeds from each Holistic Spaces Mandala will be donated to support Tibetan refugee children at Bon Shen Ling's Menri Monastery in Dolanji, India.

  • Fine art prints: Archival inks printed on fine art paper.

  • Stretched Canvas: Archival inks printed on stretched canvas, ready to hang.

  • All mandala measurements in inches.

  • Original art by Anjie Cho (graphite, gouache on watercolor paper) available, inquire HERE

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