Episode 002: Intro to the Bagua Map

Holistic Spaces Podcast, Episode 002

Intro to the Bagua Map

This week’s episode introduces the map used in feng shui, known as the bagua map. What is it? How do you use it? We’ll also talk about what each area of the map means.  

  • What’s a Bagua Map?

  • Using a Bagua Map

  • What’s a Gua and what do they mean?

  • The Guas

The bagua map can seem a little confusing, but it’s really a very simple concept used by feng shui practitioners all over the world! This week, take a few moments to check out your space using the bagua map. Is there an area of your life you’d like to improve? Where is that area represented in your space?

Tune in September 28 for the next Holistic Spaces Podcast: Feng Shui For Your Desk!